Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost-2022

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For the gifts that you have given,

for the love in Christ made known,

with these fruits of time and labor,

with these gifts that are your own:

here we offer, Lord, our praises;

heart and mind and strength we bring.

Give us grace to love and serve you,

living what we pray and sing.

Lord you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations.
You, O Lord, have been a dwelling place for us and our children.
Before the mountains were born or you brought from the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.
You, O Lord, have been with us for these forty-two years!
The Lord Almighty is with us, the God of Jacob our fortress.
You, O Lord, are the eternal One and we have trusted you.
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for God’s compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is God’s faithfulness.
You, O Lord, have been our faithful One!
Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”
You, O Lord, have built your church in this place and we have been blessed.

Let us in penitence and humility confess our sins before the throne of grace, praying together.

God of mercy, as we mark this moment, we confess our weaknesses, failures, and transgressions.
Our broken vows,
Our slackness and misuse of time and opportunity,
Our selfishness and our love of ease,
Our unkindness and indifference,
Our self-indulgence and our pleasures taken at the
expense of others,
Our moments when we have not been true to ourselves,
Our lack of faith in your providence.

For these sins of commission and omission, have mercy upon us.

Lord Jesus Christ, we remember in your presence our losses and griefs, our hopes and treasures which the departing year has carried away, the disappointments we have known, the friends who are no longer with us and whose steps we shall hear no more. We pray for grace to cherish the spirit which brings good out of evil, and which prevents adversities and sorrows from embittering our hearts. Give us comfort and a deep sense of your goodness in every circumstance of life; and when, despite our good intentions, we fail, be our strength and stay.

O Lord our God, for the vision of those who planned for this congregation, and for the commitment and dedication of all who served together at the time of origin. We give you thanks, O Lord.

For those who served so faithfully in leadership positions as Pastors, Elders, Trustees, Church
Staff and leaders of various ministries and committees,

We give you thanks, O Lord.
For those who have willingly given of their efforts to teach, encourage, counsel, mentor and donate,
For those who have been such a part of our fellowship over the years, and now serve you in the
church triumphant in heaven,

For those who have been such a part of our fellowship over the years, and now serve you in the
church triumphant in heaven.

For the ways in which we have been able to care for one another, support one another on the
journey of life, and give strength to one another.

For those we received into the fellowship of the Church, professions of faith we have heard and
answers to prayer that we have experienced.

For a congregation that has always desired to worship you faithfully and vibrantly, hearing your
Word, singing your praise, and seeking your strength.

For a commitment to remain true to your Word in a world of confusing and conflicting voices.

For generosity and variety of resources that has enabled us to reach within our church
community and far beyond with the word and witness of the Gospel.

For those children and youth who have been nurtured in the ways of the Lord and now serve God
in various places in this nation and elsewhere.

For the ongoing support of our partners in ministry including our Church Administrations, both
sister and local congregations and our community partners.

And for a land that has given us opportunity to thrive and worship and serve for the sake God’s

We give you thanks, O Lord.

And now, O Lord, we pray for the children, youth and young adults here today that they be grounded in your truth and learn to love you with a whole heart, never depart from your path. We pray that they may carry your kingdom to future generations.

And we pray for the parents, godparents and all who have responsibility for your children, that they may faithfully tell each new generation of your mercies and your salvation. We pray for all leaders, pastors, staff members that their leadership may always be true to your Word and faithful to your calling. And that they, and every member will continue in total commitment in serving you, O God, wholeheartedly doing the work that the same God who has called each one of us in Kingdom building.

By your doing, God you have given and fulfilled the vision of a new Moravian Congregation in the borough of Queens. Now, O God who is always doing new things, may we discern and be empowered of the new vision of transforming and adapting as a church in the community reaching out and welcoming your people regardless of color of skin, places of origin or political persuasion.

So, we desire Holy Spirit, that you will use us to reach out to many within our community and throughout our world in their need that they may know your love and, in their sin, may find your grace.
O Lord, hear our prayer.

December 2023