2024 Save the Dates

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  1. PARENTS & CHILDREN: Sunday School Ministry resumes on Sunday October 15, 2023, in-person and zoom. Please contact Sr. Lilly Smith, Sunday School Superintendent for information. If you feel called to serve in this Ministry, please do not hesitate to reach out to Sr. Smith.
  2. INTERESTED TO BE MORE INVOLVED IN THE MINISTRY OF THIS CONGREGATION AS A MEMBER? Speak with our Pastor or any Elder re next step. New Members’ Class will commence shortly.
  3. VOLUNTEERS/YOUTH LEADERS ADVISORS NEEDED: to assist with Youth Fellowship. Please contact: Sr. Avonda Jones, Elder.
  4. VOLUNTEERS to SERVE on the Congregation’s 2024 Calendar of Events Committee and 2024 Budget Committee. Please contact the office or any member of the Joint Board today.
  5. COPIES OF 2024 MORAVIAN DAILY TEXT ARE AVAILABLE: Please see Br Geoffrey Forde or call the office. Consider gifting a friend, a family member, or your neighbor with a copy.
  6. RECORDINGS OF THE “STILL GOD’S GRACE” CONCERT are available on thumb drive for only $19.99 each. Contact: Br. Geoffrey Forde.
  7. SUGGESTION BOX (LOBBY): Your suggestions/ideas/ recommendations re the ministry– please let us know by using the Suggestion Box and/or email the Church office.
  8. MORAVIAN WOMEN MONTHLY MEETING: Rescheduled to Saturday January 27, 2024 @ 6PM via zoom.
  9. CHURCH COUNCIL ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: Sunday January 28, 2024. Main purpose: To receive the 2023 Congregation Report, 2023 Financial Statement and 2024 Budget & election of church workers and District Synod Delegates.
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