2023 Save the Dates

fallen leaf on wooden surface
Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com
photo of multicolored abstract painting


  1. C.A.R.D. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS: Deadline July 31, 2023 (postmarked). Call the Office for details or Br. Dalbert Daley 
  2. OPPORTUNITIES FOR CAMPERS OF ALL AGES: It is time to register for Summer 2023 Camp Programs from first grade through to adulthood or contact the Christian Education Committee for details or the Notice Board
  3. BOARD OF WORLD MISSION of the MORAVIAN CHURCH, NA DEBT JUBILEE PROJECT For the Healing of the Nation – goal to raise $50, 000 by August 13, 2023. Our August Benevolent Fund Offering will be in support of this initiative. 
  4. ANNUAL HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICE – Sunday September 17, 2023. The Board of Trustees is launching a Homeland Harvest Display Competition
  5. COMMUNITY DAY on the Church Lawns on Saturday August 5, 2023: includes give away to families, Back-to-School Supplies. Soliciting from the congregation to assist in donations of cash and supplies. Place items in barrel each Sunday or when Office is open.
  6. 12HR PRAYER WATCH in observance of August 13th Festival:  Friday August 11 @9PM –  Saturday August 12@(AM.
  7. AUGUST 19, 2023 – MEN’S LINK-UP.
  8. Y.O.U. of UNITED MORAVIAN CHURCH PRAYER BRUNCH on Saturday September 9, 2023 at 11AM. Theme: “Handling Your Stuff”
  9. TEA & HEALTH INFO SESSION: Moravian Women Monthly Meeting – September 15, 2023 @ 3PM in Fellowship Hall. Please bring your own CUP or MUG for tea.
  10. OLDER ADULTS SUNDAY:  September 24, 2023 @ 11AM.
  11. RALLY OF THE HOMELANDS INGATHERING: Sunday November 19, 2023.