Our Pastor


Rev. Earl St. C Goulbourne

Formative Years

Rev Earl St. C. Goulbourne was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and received his early education at the Bethlehem All Age School and the Munro College (for boys).

He graduated from the Bethlehem Moravian College, Jamaica as a trained teacher and taught for four years prior answering the call for the ordained ministry.

His spiritual nurturing began at the Bethlehem Moravian Church where he was received into membership in 1982 after giving his life to Christ.

He gained a Diploma in Ministerial Formation from the United Theological College of the West Indies – and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the University of the West Indies.

Pastoral Highlights

Ordained to the Order of Deacon on July 1994.

Served the Salem Circuit of Moravian Churches in Westmoreland and the Lititz Circuit of Moravian Churches in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Consecrated as a Presbyter in April 2003.

Interim Minister at Bethlehem Moravian Church and Chaplain at the Moravian College from 2003- 2006.

Served as Chairman of Board of Management of several Moravian Schools and as a Board Member of the Moravian College in Jamaica.

Supervised probationers in ministry.

Served on ecumenical bodies – Jamaica Ecumenical Mutual Mission (Methodist, Moravian, United) and Jamaica Council of Churches.

Vice President of the Provincial Elders’ Conference of the Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

District Superintendent for the Central District Conference of Moravian Churches.

Instrumental in assisting in the relaunch of the Moravian Mission in Black River, St. Elizabeth in 2010 (Faith Moravian Fellowship).

Jamaican delegate at Eastern West Indies and Unity Synods.

Accepted appointment to serve at Grace, Queens and commenced ministry on May 17, 2011.

Other Information

Marriage Officer and Counselor.
Hobbies include reading, table tennis, listening to music and travelling.
Married to Desna (whose is an ordained Minister).
Proud parent of daughter, Alain.